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eye update
So, my pupils were different sizes and I couldn't see properly out of one eye, and there was a 3-week wait to see an opthamologist in this city. Luckily, my dad went to grade 2 with someone who grew up to be an elderly opthamologist (he looks 20 years older than my dad). My dad called the guy up, and I got an appointment the next day. On tuesday, I went to the guy's office and soon discovered why he didn't have the same waiting list that the other opthamologists do: The door to his office (on the ground floor of a westmount apt bldg) just has his first and last name. No medical credentials. The first thing you see is a big sign announcing that he has opted out of the quebec medicare system, and only accepts payment by cash or credit card.
Anyhow, the guy thinks that my problem is that the smooth muscle in my eye was fucked up by the anticholinergic effect of antihistamine drops that the doctor at the clinic and emergency prescribed. He says it should go away with time. Meanwhile, the magnifying-glass desk lamp i once bought at a garage sale is finally coming in handy. Funny thing is that nothing I took is actually listed any anticholinergic effects...
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