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i'm sure it's old news,

but why didn't i know about ernst haeckel til now? i feel like i just heard Focus' Hocus Pocus for the first time.

anyway, i'm sorry i haven't posted, written, emailed or called. life is generally good. it's not winter yet here, but maybe when it comes i'll write more.
-grumpy's feeling better (aka stopped pissing everwhere), even though nora moved in in october and brought bear with her. nobody's lost an eye yet, but there may be a fair amount of flying fur before a viable social hierarchy can be established. there are now 18 legs but only 6 hands in the house.
-my new enterprise is called Vélove. it's still a little amorphous and living in my former living room, but i've had enough repair and build jobs in the past few months to cover a modest workshop's worth of tools. eventually d and i intend to get a space and do some more structural and elemental things to bikes...
-i didn't go to school, and i feel really good about that choice
-the garden has suffered from neglect and bad weather
-every week there are about 4 more queer events than i have the energy for, and most of them somehow involve people who i care about or who generally seem to have good priorities
-despite all my best intentions, i seem to be involved in A Romance. it is a very lovely situation
-i have guests in town and have to go to the bar with them now
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