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a new millenium

Ok, here it is: it's 2009 and I'm back on lj after an extended absence. Boy, has this town changed. I hardly recognize the landscape. If you're reading this, chances are we used to be friends who kept in touch enough to comfortably comment on each others' lives. Who knows what we are now: i've shed my skin a few times in the intervening years, so you might not recognize me anyway. Or we've gotten so old that years can go by and we can pick up exactly where we let off. If you feel weird about reading this, or about me reading your posts, please unfriend me, and I'll do the same. If, on the other hand, you're one of a surprising number of friends who also chose this week to return to lj, let's try to keep better tabs on each other.

I just spent a month in New Jersey/New York. It was sort of my own private emergency february party, minus the party. I successfully escaped the brutal middle of Montreal's ghastly season, and am returning post daylight savings. Mostly, I hung out one-on-one with good friends and relatives (and a hot new lover!); I did go to one event, but it barely counts because it was a talent show at sky's house.
Actually, that's not true. My dad came to visit and took us to see Antony and the Johnsons at Town Hall. The show was incredible. I wanted to be Antony's groupie . . .
This Saturday, it was 20 degrees in New Jersey. Ali came up to Jersey, and we went on the most marvelous bike ride. We left at 4pm, and rode into the night on the Delaware and Raritan Canal Tow Path. I did the daylight part of the ride in a sleeveless shirt! In early march!
The tow path is unbelievably beautiful. It's like being able to ride down the middle of a river. It was created so that donkeys could tow boats down the canal. Here are some pictures:

and here are some cute little molds from a university in florida that i was using to experiment with the automatic animation properties in the GIMP:

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