leprincemort (leprincemort) wrote,

small miracle

So, I've been totally negligent with the garden this year. It feels like the summer went by with hardly any down time, or that my down time was otherly occupied. In any case, it didn't yield much in the way of food; i managed to kill most of the seedlings before they were plantable, and half of what actually got into the ground bore fruit which rotted on the plants with all the rain. I had thought that the broccoli would count amongst my many failures.
This spring, I ordered "Small Miracle Broccoli" seeds from the Eternal Seed Company. This broccoli was supposed to have a short season and be frost resistant. I planted it late, and it spent the whole summer and most of the fall looking like a sorry excuse for a wilty collard-type cabbage. Things started to change when the rest of the garden began, however. About a month and a half ago, it took on the aspect of a very healthy portuguese collard (which, coincidentally, it was planted right beside a big patch of). I ate some of its leaves, and assumed that was it. Fast forward a month (that's about the size of my lapses in attention to the garden), and everything but the cabbages is dead. We've had a handful of serious frosts.
Now, Small Miracle has a head of broccoli, and 5 or 6 more mushroom sized ones starting. I ate the big head for dinner tonight, and it was probably the best broccoli i've ever eaten. The stems were sweeter than cooked carrots. That's all.
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