leprincemort (leprincemort) wrote,

winter driving, round 2

so, i bought a car and learned to drive it about a year and a half ago, at the ripe old age of 31. it was only really last winter when i finally got my "driving legs"; funnily enough, it was one of the worst winters for snow and ice i can remember. i know embarrassingly little about how my car works, and as a result i often visualize a bike drive train when i'm driving. my car's a rusty 20-year-old diesel vw with manual transmission, and it really doesn't feel like a stretch.
often, i imagine it's a rattly old 3-speed ladies cruiser.
this evening it was snowing pretty hard and the temperature hovered a bit below zero. i haven't put my snow tires on yet, and this summer i busted the motor on my back wiper by leaving it running with the bike rack on the hatch, but this guy in CDN was selling a TANDEM for cheap and wanted me to pick it up tonight, so i drove anyway. i forgot how much driving stick in bad conditions feels like riding fixed gear. it was dark and quiet out, and i experienced a pretty similar feeling of elation.
the guy who sold me the bike couldn't have been more than 4'5", and he claimed that he had ridden it as both captain and stoker. it's a purple singlespeed ccm cruiser with upright bars, springy seats, and a coaster brake. It needs a bit of work on the back wheel; other than that, and the addition of a good basket (probably powdercoated purple), and it'll be a mean picnic machine. remind me to schedule in some leisure next summer.
my camera's terrible in low light, but i swear the tandem's in the front passenger seat of my car here:

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